Les Artistes – Paris 14

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Sunday is Brunch-day! I have proposed to a friend to enjoy the opportunity but the day before we meet has turned it into a gathering with other friends. I’m not complaining because one of her friends had the perfect address in mind, a little restaurant downstairs that made delicious burgers. Unfortunately, we haven’t tasted the burgers because the brunch formula changes every weekend but the one we tried was very good too. That being said, let’s go for Les Artistes!

The appointment is given after midday to satisfy the brave who haven’t slept much and this is the time they need to finally arrive. We sit at a small table on the terrace (yes, it was nice and hot at that time) and the dishes parade begins. For information, we don’t all take the brunch formula because the lunch offer is also valid on Sunday.

The first part of the brunch never changes (for the better) because it is pure pleasure. We choose a hot drink and its speculoos, with which are brought a squeezed orange juice, a slice of bread with a curler of salted butter and a small jar of jam. Yum, yum! It is good, at almost one o’clock in the afternoon, we’re getting hungry. For the greediest, it is possible to ask for more bread to finish the butter or jam.


Here we are at the most complicated part of this brunch: deciding if we take the meat or fish option. A la carte, scrambled eggs accompanied by hash browns, cucumbers and creamed tomatoes with a little salad and a salmon tartar or tandoori chicken. We unanimously take the salmon. When the plates arrive, we realize that we get what we pay for: well filled with room for each ingredient. The tartar is good and fresh, the scrambled eggs as I like them and the barter begins for those who only want to eat what they prefer. Let me tell you that I stole potatoes to help my companions to finish their plate.


The problem in this story, is that the toast and the extra bread with the main course are too much and we are already full! You’ll tell me it’s not a problem, but we must still think of dessert. Again, we have the choice between the dessert of the day and some of the menu. For the bravest (who are not necessarily the same as the once at the beginning of the article), it’s the homemade tiramisu. And indeed, it takes a lot of bravery to find enough room for those superb desserts served with a huge sponge finger… Yummy anyway and memory of our childhood!


Actually, we managed to eat everything but it takes us a (long) moment to get up. And like every meal that ends (too) well, we go digesting by taking a long walk along the disaffected railway belt of Paris that has access near from the Artists. No more excuse now!

Les Artistes 

60 rue Didot, Paris 14

Metro : Plaisance (line 13)

If you are not interested in the formula, you can book on LaFourchette and get a discount if you order at least starter + main course or main course + dessert (drinks do not benefit from reduction). If you do not have a LaFourchette account, do not hesitate to use my sponsorship code at registration: 7AAA10BF

LaFourchette booking

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