Le Bar à Bulles – Paris 18

>> French side <<


Le bar à bulles… or the trial of my life! It’s been a while since I’ve seen my best friend so we decided to go to a brunch she knew. The appointment was next to the Moulin Rouge. It’s without counting on my flying skills that made me win a beautiful cast and crutches – Christmas in advance! What matter with today’s brunch will you tell me? This charming brunch is located in a small paved alley on the left of the mill, at the top of steep stairs. But hey, you have to deserve it! Lire la suite

Les Artistes – Paris 14

>> French side <<


Sunday is Brunch-day! I have proposed to a friend to enjoy the opportunity but the day before we meet has turned it into a gathering with other friends. I’m not complaining because one of her friends had the perfect address in mind, a little restaurant downstairs that made delicious burgers. Unfortunately, we haven’t tasted the burgers because the brunch formula changes every weekend but the one we tried was very good too. That being said, let’s go for Les Artistes! Lire la suite

Braun Notes Coffee – Paris 9

>> French side <<


After a quiet Saturday, it’s time to think about the best ways to spend Sunday. Place of the crime: a café we spotted in the beginning of the summer and that some of you may have already seen on my Instagram. You need to be there early enough not to have to wait 2 hours before entering the building but you do not need to come too early either … After all, it it’s Sunday! The deal is quickly made: we take an appointment for a brunch at 11:30. Let’s head to rue de Mogador and go to Braun Notes Coffee. Lire la suite

Le Café d’Albert – Paris 11

>> French side <<

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Well, you are quite a few to complain because I haven’t posted a brunch on this blog yet. So I’ll take you to the 11th, near the Alexandre Dumas’ station, in my old favorite Sunday canteen. Why old ? Because time flies and I don’t live next to it anymore, but it’s always wonderful to go across Paris to enjoy this REAL buffet… Lire la suite